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So you have a website, and you think that your customers or readers would enjoy a Greaterskies poster? We have an affiliate program, designed to help you offer your readers great personalized sky posters —and make money in the process.

How does it work?

After you've been approved we'll associate a personal code to you, and we'll give you an URL to which you can link. Every month we'll pay you 15% of all the sales originated from users arriving at our site in this address.

Who's working with us?

  1. Wedding photographers: it gives them a cheaper deal for offering our posters to their clients as a memento of their wedding day. We are happy to see this as one of the biggest growth areas for us.
  2. Wedding photography blogs: help spread the word, and let your readers know about the possibility of designing their own star poster.
  3. Science blogs: the universe is beautiful, and science allows us a glimpse to this beauty. In the design of our sky poster we have made every effort to bring this beauty to your home, based upon solid science.
  4. Personalized presents. It doesn't get more personal: the sky as it was over your special moment and place, with your own message.

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