• Custom Star Map

    Every scarf is different and customized with the sky map generated based on date, time and location data.

  • 100% natural mulberry silk

    The silk threads are rounder, finer, smoother, lighter and more uniformly colored than any other type of silk in the world, and also extremely strong, easily beating steel fibers of the same diameter in strength and durability.

  • The Print visible on Both Sides

    Our special print process means you’ll see your star map through to the other side of the scarf.

  • Personal Message

    You can add to your custom star map scarf a personal message of your choice (up to 120 characters), for a more personal touch (optional).

Star Map Scarf Models

London NY - sky map scarf

Navy Stripes

Code Navy

In this classy striped design, the whole star map is shown on a night blue background and complemented by red, grey and white stripes.

Starry Night

In this style the star map covers the whole scarf area. The map is cropped to a square, so some stars and constellations will be missing, although the North Star will always be visible.

Classic Nigth Blue

This clean style show the whole star map (7,000 to 8,000 stars) on a night blue background, simply framed in lighter blue lines.

Custom Scarf Sizes and Prices

All custom star scarf is available in 2 square sizes:

MEDIUM: 129€

27 x 27 inches

68 x 68 centimeters

LARGE: 199€

44 x 44 inches

120 x 120 centimeters

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