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New star map souvenirs of a mystery event: guess which one?

Stars over wedding

At GreaterSkies we’ve been working hard on preparing a surprise. After over 10 years of making personalised star maps for our customers to celebrate their private special events, we had an inspiration: why not to create star maps in honour of well-known public events that many people would like to commemorate or remember?

We released our first star map poster of this kind last month: when Professor Stephen Hawking passed away, we published a commemorative poster in his honour, showing the stars over his birthplace.

Now we are thrilled to announce a whole brand new collection, celebrating a mystery event!

New star map souvenirs

Here is a taste (almost a bite) of the new souvenir collection.

star map souvenir breakfast
Breakfast over a star map

Oh, did we mention that all our souvenirs feature a map of the stars and constellations over a special event?

Mystery event: take a guess?

Which event is represented by this map? We’ll give you one major clue: this is a future event, happening this year, in 2018.

Stars over wedding

Now let’s apply some astronomy knowledge to get some more clues.

  • See the Sun, over the ecliptic line that marks its path? Well, this tell us it’s a day time event. If it took place late in the evening or at night, the sun wouldn’t be there, and the stars and constellations would be in a very different position.
  • Looking at the constellations, we find 2 of the most easily identifiable; the Big and the Little Dipper. The star at the tip of the Little Dipper is the North Star, which is only visible in the Northern Hemisphere. So now we know this sky will be seen from a place north of the equator.

Ok, that leaves quite a few places and dates and events still, so let’s dig a little further. The stars and constellations are set against a blue background, which is not the true colour of the sky. It was chosen by our in-house designer because that particular hue of blue bears a name, and that name is another important clue: royal blue.

If you know what event these stars will watch over, don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your guess below. A surprise may come to you if you guessed right!

A complete collection of souvenirs

At GreaterSkies, we love star map posters and we believe they fit in many places. But to the point of using one as a breakfast placemat? Not quite. Let’s take a better look:

blue and white tea towels set of 2

Placemats or… tea towels? We let you guess. Oh, by the way, the white coffee mug on the breakfast photos wasn’t there by chance either. And the collection includes a few more items too.

A new home to house our star map souvenirs

New commemorative star maps, new products… we needed a place to house all this, since the GreaterSkies website will keep on hosting all our personalised star map items. So, our souvenirs and memorabilia has found a nice new home on a sister website.

the star maps by greaterskies logo


Now open, check it out!

PS: Congrats to all off you who left comments and guessed right! You will receive a free Royal Wedding tea towel with the stars over the big day!

Discover here our Harry and Meghan star map souvenir collection!

PS: The Stephen Hawking commemorative poster is available there too! Soon to be joined by other star map souvenirs and gifts.