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Lovely custom star map for nursery or kids room, showing the stars and constellations when a child was born. Accurate star chart in a cute hand-painted design. A unique gift to celebrate a new baby or a child's birthday.

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What sets this star map apart

At Greaterskies, we are proud of the unmatched quality and accuracy of our star maps. Yours will show up to 8,000 stars, exactly as they were (or will be ) over your special place and time, precisely to the minute. You can choose the title you want and add a personal message, and toggle on/off all the constellations visible at that moment and the names of the major stars. Little Star is the latest addition to our star map family, designed with kids in mind. With hand-painted planets and comets and 3 coordinated color choices, it is sure to please the little stars of the family and find its place in any nursery our kid's room.

We hope you are enjoying your star map experience. Any questions? Do contact us, we'll be glad to help.


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