Select the place from where you want your sky to be seen (eg. where you got married or where your child was born.)

Click on the map or search for a place.

Let us help you design your own poster of the skies. We'll need the location, the date and the time, and we'll build the poster with the stars as they were then and there. You'll also have the opportunity to write a special message in your poster.

Please select the date and local time to be used for computing the position of the stars and planets.


You can write a caption and a personalized message for your poster, and you can also decide if you want constellations and star names, or prefer a more minimalistic look with only the stars and planets.

  Include the constellations and the star names.

This should be something like "The sky over La Jolla on Tuesday 20th, 1972". We offer you a default one. For example: This day, under these stars, you came to us.

The preview plot shows you how your texts are going to look like. Click on it to zoom out and get an overall idea; another click will zoom in again.

Please note that the sky we show in the preview is not yours —we'll have to work on computing it once you order— and that the resolution is much lower than what you'll get in the final poster.


High-resolution printable files download

We'll set up to work immediately, and you'll be able to download your three high-resolution JPG files (optimized for 20x27", 16x20" and letter) in two to three minutes.

High resolution files download:  $34.95   


Large size print, plus high-res printable files download.

  • Shipping included (US and Canada only)
  • 20x27" - 50x70cm.
  • Heavyweight satin photographic paper.
  • Fine art quality, archival inks.
  • Ready to frame on a standard-size frame.

Printing, shipping and downloads: $94.95 

Please note that we can only ship to customers in the US and Canada. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please get the download option and print it near home; it's also more environmentally sustainable.

We need two working days to prepare your order, print and ship.


You will always get to download the high-resolution printable files in JPG format. If you want to get them printed yourself, this is all you need.

Choose the first option (downloads only) if you need them right now, so you'll be able to get them printed by a print-shop in your neighborhood.

Choose the second option (we print them and ship them to you) if you are in the US or Canada, and you want us to print it and send it to you.

The download includes high resolution files in 3 sizes,

  • 20x27" (50x70cm), ideal for a large poster.
  • 16x20" (40x50cm), optimized for a medium-sized poster.
  • Letter size, optimum for your home printer.

With these files you will get professional quality output from a high-end photo printer.