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on Wednesday November 15, 1950

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The sky is as seen on , at from lat, long .

Please note that the colors that you see on screen are never identical to what you'll get when you print. The colors in your prints will depend on the printer, and will most likely be darker than your files.

What sets it apart

The solid background of the Night Sky star map, combined with the miriad colors of the thousands of stars, conveys a feeling of vastness and intimacy. The stars over a boundless black become the undisputed protagonists. It is Rocío's, our head designer, favourite map, and it never fails to elicit a wow.

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On 15 November 1950

Birthdate of Egon Vaupel, German lawyer and politician, 16th Mayor of Marburg.

25th anniversary

Birthdate of Howard Baker, American lawyer, politician, and diplomat, 12th White House Chief of Staff (d. 2014).

10th anniversary

Birthdate of Roberto Cavalli, Italian fashion designer; Tony Mendez, American CIA technical operations officer; Ulf Pilgaard, Danish actor and screenwriter; Hank Wangford, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and physician; and Sam Waterston, American actor.

5th anniversary

Birthdate of Roger Donaldson, Australian director, producer, and screenwriter; Bob Gunton, American actor and singer; and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Norwegian-Swedish singer (ABBA).

Death of Frank Chapman, American ornithologist and photographer (b. 1864).

4th anniversary

Birthdate of Vassilis Goumas, Greek basketball player.

3rd anniversary

Birthdate of Malcolm Ranjith, Sri Lankan cardinal; Bill Richardson, American politician and diplomat, 21st United States Ambassador to the United Nations; and Ken Sutcliffe, Australian journalist and sportscaster.

2nd anniversary

Birthdate of Teodoro Locsin, Jr., Filipino journalist, lawyer, and politician.

1st anniversary

Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte are executed for assassinating Mahatma Gandhi..

Death of Narayan Apte, Indian activist, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi (b. 1911); and Nathuram Godse, Indian assassin of Mahatma Gandhi (b. 1910).

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