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On 22 June 1913

Birthdate of Sándor Weöres, Hungarian poet and author (d. 1989).

Death of tefan Octavian Iosif, Romanian poet and translator (b. 1875).

200th anniversary

Birthdate of John Sackville, English cricketer and politician (d. 1765).

100th anniversary

War of 1812: After learning of American plans for a surprise attack on Beaver Dams in Ontario, Laura Secord sets out on a 30 kilometer journey on foot to warn Lieutenant James FitzGibbon..

25th anniversary

Birthdate of Harold Hitz Burton, American lawyer and politician, 45th Mayor of Cleveland (d. 1964).

10th anniversary

Birthdate of John Dillinger, American criminal (d. 1934); and Carl Hubbell, American baseball player (d. 1988).

4th anniversary

Birthdate of Katherine Dunham, American dancer and choreographer (d. 2006); Infanta Beatriz of Spain, Spanish aristocratic (d. 2002); and Mike Todd, American producer and manager (d. 1958).

3rd anniversary

Birthdate of John Hunt, Baron Hunt, Indian-English lieutenant and mountaineer (d. 1998); Anne Ziegler, English singer (d. 2003); and Konrad Zuse, German computer scientist and engineer, invented the Z3 computer (d. 1995).

2nd anniversary

George V and Mary of Teck are crowned King and Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland..

Birthdate of Vernon Kirby, South African tennis player.

1st anniversary

Birthdate of Princess Caroline Mathilde of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (d. 1983); and Raymonde Allain, French model and actress (d. 2008).

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