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A Star Map that captures your special moment

Choose a place, a time and a date and get a photographic quality map of the sky with a beautiful rendition of the stars and the planets as they were over that special place, at that special moment.  Accurate for any date between 1900 and 2100.

Not every day is the same. Some nights stand out from the rest because something so special happened, it changed our lives forever. Treasure that memory by capturing the sky, as it was, over that precious moment in time.

Capture your own sky. Create your custom Star Map

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How was the sky when we met? How were the stars when our child was born? What did the sky look like on that day?

What you’ll get with your Sky Map

Either we print the star map for you and ship it free of charge, or you print the high-resolution file at a nearby photographic printer (recommended if you are in a hurry.)

  1. Our most convenient option: we print a large sky poster (18×24″) in high-quality photographic paper with archival inks, and ship it to you for only $94.95 with free shipping. The size is standard, so you’ll find it easy to purchase a frame. You will also get the high-resolution printable files.
  2. Our most popular option: download high-resolution printable files. We want your star map to be perfect, so we have optimized the printable files for the most popular printing sizes.
    You’ll get them within minutes of your purchase, for only $34.95. You’ll be able to print them close to home, and you are sure to find the right size of frame.

As featured in the The Guardian Christmas Gift guide


The Night Sky and the Day Sky: Personalized Sky Map Prints


How were the stars that special day?

We’ll create high-quality JPG universe image files with the map of the stars as seen from a given place, time and date. For example, the sky as it was when you met each other. The sky as it was when your daughter was born.

What our customers are saying about our Custom Star Maps

“The product quality meets my expectation and makes a very special anniversary gift”

“Just wanted to say that amazingly we got the star map print yesterday on my husband’s birthday! He loved it of course. Thank you so much for such a speedy turnaround—will definitely recommend you to friends.”

“Gorgeous and so perfect for a gift! THANK YOU for your great customer service as well! Highly recommend buying from GreaterSkies!”

“What a great idea! Print is really neat and special to us on our wedding day. Arrived very quickly, with awesome service and attention to detail. Much appreciated.”

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Ten high-definition images

You get ten high-definition star map image files, each optimized to be printed at a different size: from large poster to letter.

Your Sky Map in minutes

We’ll make your personalized sky maps for you as soon as you order them, and you’ll be able to download them within minutes.

Your Star Map printed in photo quality

If you want, we’ll also print the sky map with photo quality and send it to you.