The GreaterSkies Star Maps

At GreaterSkies we work everyday to bring you the Stars as a Gift. Since 2005, we have been creating beautiful custom star maps for everyone looking for a personal thoughtful gift to celebrate a cherished memory.

When you receive a GreaterSkies star map, you are looking at the sky exactly as it was over a special place, at a special date and time.

What your custom star map shows

Depending on the date that was chosen, your sky map will show the past or the future. In all cases, you will see:

  • All the stars that could be seen in the sky, or will be seen in the sky, over that place at that time. Well, in fact, the map shows 7,000 to 8,000 stars, depending on the coordinates, many more than can be seen by the naked eye. You may notice that then star colours vary: this is not just to look nice. The colour matches the light emitted by the star.
  • The Sun, the Moon and all the Solar system planets that were or will be visible. All of them are precisely located around the ecliptic, represented by the green line.
  • The constellations, if that option was turned on when the map was created. Some customers prefer a clean sky, so we leave this choice to each person.
  • The exact coordinates our program used to generate the map: latitude and longitude, date and time.
  • A personal message may appear below the sky map, typed in by the person who ordered it.
> Learn more about how GreaterSkies came to create the first custom star charts.

The stars as a gift

Our personalised star maps are available as downloadable files, for those who prefer to have them printed close to home or have very creative ideas of how to use them.

We also ship sky maps printed on beautiful paper, in high definition.

We hope that your personalised star map will remain for a long time a beautiful memory of a cherished moment of your life.

Best wishes,

The GreaterSkies Team


Baby birth, wedding, anniversary, birthday, celebration of life… there is a unique star map to help you celebrate life’s special moments.

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