A unique Valentine’s Day Gift

The perfect thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift

It’s this time of year, when the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea is on again! Every year, once passed the Christmas and New Year flurry, as February 14th nears, we start thinking of Valentine’s. Alas, it’s not an easy hunt. Let’s see...

What makes a perfect Valentine’s gift?

Ideally, we want our gift to be personal, special, something that truly connects with our special someone or brings up cherished memories. Or even, makes us look forward to a future event, why not? And romantic, of course. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all.

What are the typical Valentine’s Day gifts?

Did you know that Valentine’s greeting cards and candy are the most common gifts in the US, offered by about half of men and women? Nearly 60% of American men also give flowers on Valentine’s Day. An evening out or a romantic getaway are the top big items, followed by jewels, clothing, and… gift certificates, for those whose perfect gift search had no clear outcome.

This is all nice, though maybe not quite original or special. After all, Valentine’s Day is not the only time of year we go out for dinner or a night in town with our loved one... At least we hope it’s not. And most of these gifts fade away.

A truly special Valentine’s Day gift for her or him

A customised map of the stars over a special place and time

The most romantic Valentine’s Day gift

A GreaterSkies star map can be the ultimate romantic Valentine’s gift idea. It’s totally up to you.

Because our star maps are fully customised, you choose the place and date you want to show. You can easily recreate the sky as it was over your first encounter, your first kiss, your engagement, your wedding... or any other special event in your lives.

Your star map can show the future too

Better still, you are not limited to cherished memories: you can create a map of the stars over a future event. Want to truly enchant your special person? Why not offer her or him a map of the sky over your future engagement or wedding date? Great way to propose, too.

Your star map gift will last forever

Well, maybe not forever, but a star map gift will stay with your special person for a long time, definitely much longer than a dinner or flowers.

Now of course, if you prefer to avoid too much emotion on Valentine’s Day, you might want to stick to flowers: people tend to get a bit emotional when receiving their special customised star map.

"My wife loved the gift (it made her cry!)"

"I loved it, she loved it. I’m not sure who cried more when I gave it to her, but it was an awesome gift!"

"The map was a representation of the night me and my girlfriend decided to make the relationship serious. My girlfriend loved it. She couldn’t utter a single word and remained speechless for minutes."


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Create Your Own Star Map

A GreaterSkies star map is not only the perfect Valentine’s gift idea for her.

A unique Valentine’s Day gift for him

Ladies, we know all too well how difficult it is to find great gift ideas for men. Well, here is one! Even if he does not burst in tears, you can be sure he’ll be touched by your thoughtful gift. In fact, he might even enjoy counting the stars (around 8,000 of them per map) or discovering which constellations were visible above that special place and time.

A customised Valentine’s gift for all those you care about

Often when we think of Valentine’s gifts, the first that come to mind are people in a romantic relationship. Indeed, spouses and significant others are the main receivers of Valentine’s gifts, and they also get the nicer and bigger gifts. Americans are quite generous with their Valentine’s Day gifts for husbands, wives and significant others, spending on average 9 to please the special person in their lives.

Show others you care

Valentine’s Day is also the opportunity to show our appreciation for other people we are close to, particularly family members and co-workers, and even our four-legged furry friends! Not so surprising, after all, as many pet owners will readily admit that their dog or cat is their best companion.

Sure, it probably wouldn’t please your spouse if you invited his or her mother in-law to join in that special evening out on February 14th. But why not offer your mother a thoughtful personalised gift showing her how much she (still) means to you?

A customised star map for family members, friends and co-workers

GreaterSkies customized star maps make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for mother, father, brother, sister, appreciated colleague or best friend… Just think about a special occasion you share, or an event of particular importance to them, and create a map that records that connection. Here are some personalisation ideas for:

  • Mother or father: a star map of the place and time they met, the day they started a family, the day they became grandparents, the day they moved into their first house where you grew up...
  • Beloved sister or brother: a map of the sky over that special place and time of your childhood you both have very fond memories of, or their place and date of birth...
  • Best friend: a star map of the day and place where you graduated together, or started on that long dreamed about trip...
  • Favourite pet: certainly the day she arrived in the family is worth celebrating, though we are afraid your furry friend is not going to appreciate her star map unless printed on a blanket or chewable toy...

The possibilities are endless, just think about the most significant events in the life of your close friends and relations. Remember, the best gifts are those that mean something special to whom is at the receiving end. If the memory means something special to both of you, even better.

The best custom Valentine’s Day gift: a sky map of that unique moment in your lives. Simply tell us your special place, date, past or future, and time, day or night. We’ll create a beautiful star map of the sky showing the stars and planets over that special place, at that unique moment.



Mapping the Skies
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