How to prepare your star map

The truth is, calculating the exact place in the sky of 8,000 stars, plus the planets and constellations over a given location, at a given time, takes a lot of computation. Generating a beautiful image of that special sky takes even more computing power.

Rest easy, we do all this for you. Simply tell us from where and when you want to see your sky. We’ll handle the rest.

GreaterSkies offers various star map poster designs, with a choice of colours. You map may not look exactly like the example above. Yet, the personalisation steps are always very similar.

Personalise your star map gift in 3 easy steps

Here is how yo can create (or re-create) your own beautiful sky map, in 3 easy steps. And make a beautiful thoughtful gift to celebrate that special moment.

  1. Tell us the date of your special event (between 1900 and 2100), the time it happened, and where it took place. With this information, we will calculate a most detailed and accurate star chart.
  2. Finish personalising your map with a warm message. Text length vary depending on the product you choose, but you can always include a personal word.
  3. Checkout out the preview of your product. Make sure everything is exactly as you want and confirm. Then check out, pay and wait for your star map to arrive.

Step 1. Define your star map place date and time

To create your star map, we need to know:

  • The date your event happened or will happen, between 1900 and 2100.
  • The time it happened. Time is important if you want a very accurate star chart, because the stars and planets move during the course of a 24h day. Our star maps are precise down to the minute. However, if you do not know the exact time, entering an approximate time will give you a close star chart. For example, if you do not remember the exact time birth, but know it was late morning, 11am will be probably fine.
  • The location from where the sky seen. Type a town or city name I the field and choose from the options presented, and yo will see a pointer appear on the world map below. Make sure it shows the right place, as there are many towns of the same name in the world. If you prefer you can also directly point to the location on the world map.

Done! Your star map will be generated based on this information. On step 3, you will have a chance to preview and check your map.

Step 2. Add your personal message

While Step 1 is always the same for all of GreaterSkies products, Step 2 part may vary slightly depending on the product your chose, because of variations in design. For example, you may have the option to enter a longer text in a relatively small font, or 2 names written in a large fancy font.

In all cases, you have the option to type in at least one personal message in one or more text fields.

At this stage, you can also choose if you want your map to display the names of the main stars, as well as the constellations lines and names.

Step 3. Preview and confirm

Click on the Preview button and in a few seconds a preview will appear.

Check your date, time and place carefully, as well as the spelling of your personal message text. Errors happen.

From the preview you can save your map: click the button, and we’ll send you an email that will allow you to come back to it at any time in the future.

Receiving your order

You will now receive an email with a link to download your files within a few minutes.

Printed products will arrive at your doorstep (or the address you indicated) in a few days.

Still have doubts or questions? Do not hesitate to contact us , we’d love to help.

Enjoy your star map.

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