How to prepare your star map

We have made every effort to ensure the process of customising and buying your star map is as clear as possible. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Design: Start in our custom star map page, and choose the design and color. You can also choose whether you want constellations and star names, or any of the advanced options.
  2. Moment: The Next button will take you to the page on which you select the date, time, and location of your sky. Don’t worry if you don’t know them exactly, you’ll be able to change them later; just choose something approximate if you are not sure.
  3. Personal texts: In the next page you can change the title of your star map and add a personal message. You have plenty of space (5 lines) to write something memorable, but if you prefer a minimalistic approach the final map will look great as well.
  4. Print or download: Next comes the format page. Here you choose if you want us to print and ship your map (and if so the size and whether you want it framed), or if you prefer to buy the digital download(s) and print locally.
  5. Shipping address: The next page is the shipping address if you chose a printed map. You will still be able to change the address after your purchase.
  6. Payment: And finally the payment page.

After your purchase you’ll reach a thank you page, and from there the map review page from which you can download a high-resolution version of your map to make sure everything looks perfect; if it doesn’t you can change it.

The making of a star map

Once you are happy with your map you have two options:

  1. Approve it. If it is a digital map, you will be taken to the map’s page from which you can download and share it. If it is a print, you’ll be asked to review the shipping details and then submit it for printing, after which you’ll be taken to the map’s page from which you can download and share it.
  2. Send the map as a gift with the included digital e-card. The person receiving the e-card will be able to edit the map and, if it is a print, verify the shipping address and submit it for printing.

Enjoy your star map.



Mapping the Skies
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