GreaterSkies star maps compared to The Night Sky and Under Lucky Stars

Why are GreaterSkies maps, well, Greater?

Move the bar from side to side to see GreaterSkies vs. one of the mass-market maps for a clear comparison of map quality and detail.

Do you see the real Milky Way in the GreaterSkies map? It is made by the presence of actual stars, not drawn in.

Our aim is to show you what GreaterSkies maps offer - the quality you would wish in such a meaningful gift.

As shown above, GreaterSkies maps are rich with detail, aesthetically beautiful and colourful. Other maps are less detailed, more schematic, can be less accurate, and offer fewer design options, like constellation names.

Of course people have different tastes but we hope that this simple comparison conveys the quality and authenticity of GreaterSkies and helps you choose the best star map.

GreaterSkies started from scratch in 2006 as the first producer of star maps, combining a passion for astronomy and programming. When other star maps started to appear we continued as before, ensuring our maps were the best they could be - authentic, detailed, accurate, and beautiful.

What we miss as a small business is expensive advertising, and that can make us more difficult to find. The current star maps market has been flooded by mass-market companies investing in marketing, some decent but others, unfortunately, scammers.

Realising the disappointment felt by customers who unknowingly bought an inferior product, we offer a discount to those who would like to replace their initial map with one from GreaterSkies.

A picture is worth a thousand words, don’t you agree?

Features comparison

There’s a lot to a star map, and some of it may not be obvious until you have bought it. The features we believe are most important for a high-quality star map include:

GreaterSkies The Night Sky Under Lucky Stars
Astronomically accurate Yes Yes Yes
Moon with phase Yes No No
Planets Yes No No
True stars color Yes No No
Star names Yes No No
Constellation names Yes No No
Stars shown 7000+ Around 3000 Around 1000
Custom design Yes Yes Yes
Digital download Yes No Yes

We hope this comparison was helpful. Please contact us if you would like to know more details, or take a look at our frequently asked questions .

* Above image: we bought a downloadable map at Under Lucky Stars, and displayed it side-by-side with one of our GreaterSkies downloads. The maps show the sky as seen from Cambridge on Aug. 10 2000, at 22:00. We had to make a mirror image of the Under Lucky Stars map, as their maps do not follow the astronomical convention of West being on the right (if you were lying on your back with your head pointing North, West would be on your right).


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